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Our Approach

We endeavor to be a partner of choice for company owners. Our investments are in the form of equity and equity-like instruments in return for our contribution of capital and advisory services.


We believe that successful investing in entry-level companies requires more than just capital. We put our money to work, and we also invest our expertise and time.


Our "skin in the game" goes beyond that of other private equity firms that write checks and take a more passive approach.  Our company owners know without a doubt that their interests and ours are aligned.



We usually make minority investments, bringing capital and advisory services to the table for equity positions in the company. We often receive a combination of equity and equity-like instruments in return for our contribution.


We are not passive investors.  If we do take a minority position in a company, we want it to be significant enough for us to make a positive impact on the success of the company.



We understand that each transaction is different and can be structured in any of several ways. We bring an open mind to each investment and can be flexible regarding deal structure and terms.


Our team works with owners and management teams to tailor the structure of each transaction to best match the needs and goals of all participants.


Our team members share a common point of view about investing in and growing successful businesses.


We enjoy working together with the owners and management teams of our portfolio companies, supporting them in taking their businesses to the next level.

Size Parameters


We do not invest in concept-level start-ups. Our involvement requires that a company demonstrate that its concept can be brought to reality and has genuine market potential.


We do stay close to entrepreneurs working on interesting new ideas, and may provide informal advice and guidance to help them launch their initiatives and move beyond the concept stage.


We take a partnering approach to private equity, and want to be a partner of choice for company owners.


We will be happy to connect interested owners and managers with CEOs of our portfolio companies to learn more and get a sense of how we operate.

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