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Our Firm

Olympia Associates was established in 2007 by a core group of colleagues with complementary skills and experience across an array of disciplines - and with a shared point of view about participating in and growing successful businesses.

Our focus is on early-stage companies.  In our world, that means:

  • Companies founded by owners with excellent business instincts and leadership traits

  • Companies that have moved beyond the concept stage, and that have an existing product that we believe has great market potential​

  • Companies where we see some form of competitive advantage - either proprietary IP, cost advantages or other areas

  • Companies that have the potential to rapidly scale via new geographies, related market segments or product extensions

  • Companies where we see the potential for longer-term relationships and where our participation can make a positive difference

  • Companies where we can partner with owners to take the business forward.

Our contribution is more than capital.  We apply the experience and skills of our team toward the success of our portfolio companies.


We put our time to work in addition to our money, and we look for opportunities to form lasting partnerships with existing owners and management teams.


We believe we make great partners.

Olympia Associates
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